Apr 18

Best Yelp Compliment Ever:

About a year ago, I visited UCLA and got lost on the way over.  I stopped at an Edible Arrangement near the metro station drop off and a really nice staff member helped me look for directions.  I wrote a yelp review based on his service and forgot all about it.  Then last night I get:  

Sincerest Yelp ever..sorry we took 11 months to view our yelps!!! But im glad we did , Thank You for starting such a great atmosphere for my reputation on yelp!!! Im now the Franchise General Manager and would love to see you in the future..!!  Meaning i will have a complimentary arrangement for ya : ) 

Thanks again for the shout out i actually do remember that day.” 

Yelp reviews do go a long way…. I’m glad I was able to help him out because he truly deserved it. :)  

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Good Vibes HERE


Good Vibes HERE

Apr 04

Tragic seven-year-old boy dying from brain tumour tells his seriously ill mother to let him die so that she can receive his kidney and save her own life -

Wahhh this made me tear up.. 

Mar 18

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